We are excited to announce we now offer Art as part of our curriculum. This will be an opportunity for students to be supported in exploring their creativity, benefit from the therapeutic nature of art, and obtain a valuable Arts Award qualification.

We support young people in harnessing their unique skills and accessing their full potential. Holly wants to show students that art can be so much more than just drawing on a page – her work experience within the arts has been varied so she has a lot to offer students and their creative ideas. Students could choose to focus on a wide variety of art forms such as painting, graffiti, clothing design, photography, clay sculpture and digital art. It is also possible for the subject to collaborate with Creative Media with photography, videography, music production and DJ-ing. There will be a variety of enrichment trips offered such as to local galleries and events and bring in local artists to inspire the students and see the variety of pathways that Art could take them on.


Level 1 Bronze Award in Arts

Level 2 Silver Award in Arts