The Governing Body meets frequently as a whole group. Smaller sub-committees of the Governing Body also meet regularly.

If you have any questions or comments about the work of the Governing Body, please contact the Clerk via email:

Chair – Adrianne Carter

Adrianne Carter is an experienced and accomplished businesswoman. Renowned for her expertise in behaviour and emotions, she has become a sought-after consultant for global brands seeking to understand and harness the power of human psychology in their business strategies.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Adrianne has honed her skills in understanding consumer behaviour and emotions, enabling companies to promote products, marketing campaigns, and customer experiences that resonate on a profound level. Her unique ability to decode the intricacies of human emotions is a valuable asset.

Adrianne also delivers keynote speeches and workshops at conferences around the world, captivating audiences with her insightful talks on the intersection of human psychology and corporate success. Her engaging and thought-provoking presentations have garnered international acclaim, making her a trusted authority in her field.

Now, as she embarks on her new role as Chair of the Board of Governors, Adrianne is excited to extend her impact to a broader spectrum. Her vision for this new chapter is to leverage her knowledge and experience in business, behaviour and emotions to help shape the future of CVP.

Clerk – Catherine Hughes

I started work at CVP in January 2024, and have thoroughly enjoyed my first full term getting to grips with the role of Business Manager & Clerk to Governors.

The first 15 years of my career was spent in the newspaper industry, followed by a seven-year stint for the NHS and a further seven years at a special school in Derbyshire.

I am really looking forward to getting to know the Governors and assisting them in steering the provision towards independent school status and fulfilling their duties in conjunction with the Senior Leadership Team.

Outside of work I am crafting my way through life, one (or 6) crochet projects at a time, all while cherishing the joys of motherhood! 😊

Vice – Dave Mulligan

Dave has worked in secondary, residential, Special Schools and Further Education. He has held posts as SENCO, Director of a regional project working with disaffected KS3 AND KS4 students and worked in FE Colleges. Dave has written and delivered courses throughout England and does consultancy work, always managing to spend 3 days a week with students who have a wide range of challenging behaviours/and or special needs.

Proprietor – Kev Crisp

I have worked in an educational setting in both mainstream and Pupil Referral Unit’s for several years. I have a vast amount of experience working with young people that for whatever reason, a mainstream education hasn’t worked but they still deserve an opportunity to build their own future and that’s where CVP fit’s in.  At CVP students can see a tangible value in what they are learning.

I think it is important to have a governing body so that our provision can be transparent with our education community and our local community.  CVP can grow working with people and agencies that have experience outside of the education setting.  Bringing their combined knowledge and experience can help make further improvements at CVP and enhance the opportunities for the students that we support.

I am proud to say that Crisp Vocational Provision is coming up to its 10th Anniversary in October.

Headteacher – Charlotte Young

I was delighted to join Crisp Vocational Provision in November 2023 as the new headteacher of the provision. I’ve worked in different specialist settings for a number of years and am thoroughly enjoying getting to know all of the incredible students and staff which we have here.

My primary aim is to strive to lead the provision as it goes from strength to strength, continuously prioritising the outcomes, experiences and education offer for our young people that attend. I look forward to working with the Governing Board to quality assure the work we are doing within the provision as well as providing unique and varied experiences, views and opinions from different backgrounds.

Designated Safeguarding & Attendance Lead – Abbie Watson

I’m Abbie Watson, I joined Crisp Vocational Provision in 2021. I have worked in mainstream schools within the city prior to joining Crisp. At Crisp, we place the wellbeing and happiness of our young people before anything else. This commitment is something I have the privilege of playing a vital part in. Whenever a potential concern is identified I assess the situation, taking a whole picture view of the child and the concern, before setting the wheels in motion for the right help in the right way. Throughout, I maintain the highest standards of professionalism, confidentiality, and ethics. The barriers that our students face can only be scaled by knowing as much as we can about their stories, and what they want the next chapter to be. Having been a part of this journey for a while, the opportunity to work with the governing board is something I am raring to sink my teeth into and embrace the opportunity wholeheartedly.

Parent – Theresa McDonnell

Parent – Daun Beresford