The FS Programme at CVP embodies the values of the whole provision by providing learners with highly adapted and personalised lessons making use of various pedagogic strategies. Students are placed within small groups (3-6 Learners) which facilitates each student in making progress at their own pace and engaging with topics of interest to them.

Upon enrolling on the course, students will take a Baseline Assessment using BKSB standardised software. The results from this then form the basis for whichever level they are prepped and entered for. The aim is for students to complete Level 2 in both Maths and English, which sets them up to move onto post-16 options. However, the true goal is for each student to achieve as highly as they can, regardless of what level that turns out to be.

Assessments are delivered at points that best facilitate progress by the student- there is no standardised period of the year for students to take exams. Instead, we build confidence and ability in the learner and when the right level is reached, collaborate with them to plot a pathway to success.


Literacy at Crisp is about more than the core skills of reading, writing, and speaking. Through a bespoke programme designed and co-ordinated by our Functional Skills Lead, we embed activities that aim to refine and develop core skills across the range of vocational subjects we offer. The 4D Literacy programme has four areas of focus; Decode, Describe, Discover, and Discuss. Subject tutors plan activities that target one of these four areas within their own sessions as well as activities created by our Functional Skills lead provided each morning as part of the Reading League (Top prize is a PS5!)

By embedding Literacy into every area of the curriculum, we aim to promote Disciplinary Literacy; that is the confidence and awareness to engage with literature of any form as a way of tackling new challenges and continuing their progress and development. We also prioritise emotional literacy, both when expressing your own feelings and when hearing those of others. By creating a culture where this is practised and demonstrated consistently- we aim to empower learners to understand both themselves and the world on a deeper level, hopefully helping them to find a place within it where they can be happy, safe, and supported.