We get you hands on from the start! Lessons are designed to give you the right amount of knowledge to be able to put it into practice. We use a car and motorbikes/peds to learn about the basic functions of everyday vehicles. Students are encouraged to repair their own bikes!

A successful student will gain a Level 1 IMI certificate. However you will need to complete portfolio sections which include Health & Safety and Use of Tools/trade consumables. To earn this basic award another two smaller sections are required.

These could be 12volt electrical systems, carburation, wheels & tyres, and exhaust systems to name but a handful.

While the amount of paperwork is kept to a minimum, it is necessary for satisfactory award completion.

It is important to maintain a high level of safety in a workshop. Students are expected to follow instructions that will not only keep them personally safe, but also behave in a manner that does not compromise others.

Team and cooperative working is actively encouraged! Problem solving is key to becoming a good mechanic.

Finally, we at Crisp Vocational want you to enjoy your experience here! This is not school! You are treated as individuals preparing for the workplace and to that end we help you to overcome any difficulties you may have.

IMI E3/Level 1 Award in Motor Vehicle Maintenance
IMI E3/Level 1 Certificate in Motor Vehicle Maintenance
IMI E3/Level 1 Diploma in Motor Vehicle Maintenance